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iQ Integrated Servo Ultrasonic Welder

Key Features

  • Patented Melt-Match® Technology
  • Dynamic Servo Motion Control
  • Industry leading 0.5 ms acquisition rate.
  • Superior Data Acquisition
  • Faster speed compared to iQ ES Servo Welders
  • Higher Force Calibration accuracy compared to iQ ES Servo Welders
  • Higher Resolution LCD with Chinese and Japanese languages compared to iQ ES Servo Welders
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Dukane’s patented iQ Advanced Servo Welders are the next step in the evolution of ultrasonic welding technology. Combining the efficiency and reliability of a 100% digitally controlled Multi-Core iQ Series power supply with the precision of an advanced servo press, the Dukane Advanced iQ Servo Welder delivers unprecedented repeatability, accuracy and reliability to your ultrasonic bonding process.


Melt-Match® precisely matches the velocity of the ultrasonic stack with the melt flow velocity of the plastic material ensuring optimum molecular intermingling.

Increased servo actuator speed for cycle time reduction

Fast collection of data points during the weld improves repeatability and enhances reliability of the welding output and programmed quality controls.

Self-contained single unit for ease of installation with smaller footprint

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