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Hot Plate

After the plastic interfaces have melted, the parts are brought together to form a molecular, permanent, and often hermetic bond. A properly designed joint welded under precise process control often equals or exceeds the strength of any other part area.

What is Hot Plate Welding?

In this process, the facing surfaces of the two parts are heated through conduction, convection and/or radiation from an actual heated platen. The two parts are either pressed against the hot plate, or held next to it for some period of time, then the hot plate is removed and the parts are pressed together to form the weld. Hot Plate welding typically has weld times from ten to twenty seconds. Dukane’s hot plate welders can handle parts from approximately one inch (25 mm) diameter up to five feet (1500 mm) long.

Dukane Hot Plate Welder Product Line

Hot Plate

Produce strong and sealed thermoplastic assemblies that are complex in shape and form with our Hot Plate Welders.

  • Strong, Hermetic Welds Produce strong, hermetic welds. Ideal for assembling large components like fuel tanks, fluid reservoirs, and more.
  • Easily automated Our Hot Plate Welders can be easily automated and integrated into a workflow that produces strong, hermetic welds.
  • Cost-Effective If joint line aesthetics are not a priority, our Hot Plate Welders offer a cost-effective solution for welding large, complex parts.

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