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Hot Gas Welding

Key Features

  • Eliminate marking with contactless welding by utilizing heated nitrogen flowing through custom built nozzles to heat the weld area.
  • The absence of friction to heat the weld area results in a particulate free welding solution.
  • Creates a clean and strong weld when heated components are joined with the precision of servo actuators.
  • Eradicate oxidation in the welding seam by using heated nitrogen gas instead of heated air.
  • Heating element remains clean, down time for cleaning is reduced.
  • No mechanical stress on the plastic part helps in maintaining the actual strength of the mold.
  • Flexible welding technology provides the ability to weld nearly all kinds of thermoplastic materials
  • Ability to weld parts of different 3D shapes and sizes, tooling can be developed to heat uneven weld areas.
  • Possibility of simultaneously welding reduces cycle time.
  • Direct energy input to the welding seam provides stronger welds.

Our patented procedure for particle-free and oxidation-free welding. Hot Gas Welding is the patented procedure for particulate free welding of high-performance plastics. Well suited to join all types of thermoplastic molded parts. Outstanding results are achieved in the thermal welding of polyamide and other high-tech materials. Hot Gas Welding process can easily weld plastics that are considered to be too difficult to weld, including PBT, POM, PPO and PPS. This innovative procedure is used mainly when it is important to make high-strength welding connections without micro-particles arising during the welding process, as is the case in mechanical welding procedures. This also applies to weld connections for which thermal degradation, or damage to the material for the weld connection, is unacceptable. Therefore, for many high-quality thermoplastics, hot-gas welding is the only way to get a high-strength, homogeneous and particle-free thermal weld.

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Hot Gas Welding-Patented Technology


Particulate free welding process.

Easily welds complex 3D geometries.

Contact free welding process.

High welding seam strength.

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