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Ultrasonic Fabric & Film Systems

Key Features

  • Standard ultrasonic thrusters are easily integrated into multi-head rotary drum machines.
  • UFF-1’s rugged design provides superior performance, precision, and reliability.
  • UFF-2 available in 30,35, and 40 kHz models.
  • Easily integrates into material handling devices such as winders or looms
  • Standard items in stock for quick delivery.

Fabric and film ultrasonic processing is a specialized field and Dukane has the experience and technology to assist you with these applications.  Standard Dukane ultrasonic products are commonly integrated into turnkey systems for bonding, slitting and splicing fabrics and films.  We have the flexibility to accommodate your required feed rates, material thicknesses, widths and handling requirements.  Dukane can supply the ultrasonic systems and tooling that meet your needs.

When designing and building fabric & film processing systems we specify the same 15kHz, 20kHz , 30kHz and 40 kHz ultrasonic thrusters, generators, and process controllers from our iQ product lines that are used for ultrasonic plastics assembly. Typical fabric & film installations are multiheaded systems, which take full advantage of our narrow profile thrusters’ close center-to-center positioning.

Dukane UFF-1 slitters are drop in modules to integrate into new or existing automated systems.  For those low volume applications that benefit from ultrasonic slitting and sealing Dukane’s UFF-2 hand held slitter is an economic solution.   The UFF units slit and seal wovens, nonwovens and knitted fabrics containing at least 65% thermoplastic (synthetic) material.


Eliminates fraying and unraveling and provides clean edges.

Lightweight and compact design allows for versatility.

Offset mounting of horn and anvil prolongs tooling life with renewable contact areas.

Easy changeover of standard Dukane 1 inch diameter anvils

Can traverse web to splice rolls together or cut lengths

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