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Automation Ready
Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Dukane offers automation ready iQ Series ultrasonic generators/power supplies in multiple frequencies (15, 20, 30, 35, and 40kHz) and power ranges (from 600 to 5000W). iQ Series Generators are quick and easy to integrate in automation lines and are Industry 4.0 ready with our proprietary software.

iQ AiM™ Automation in Mind

Designed for OEM’s, the iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator gets you ready to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing. Thanks to its improved power efficiency and multiple welding modes, this generator ensures your welds are produced faster without sacrificing quality.

  • Multiple Welding Modes
  • Higher Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Quick & Easy Integration

iQ Auto-Plus with patented Multi-Point Control (MPC)

The integration-ready iQ Auto-Plus with patented MPC (Multi-Point Controller) was designed to fit your control panel with ease. The overall form of the generator fits seamlessly into a panel, either vertically or horizontally and an intelligent cable management setup ensures a clean look in your control panel. 

  • Quick and Easy integration
  • Superior Weld Results
  • Efficiency & Reliability
  • Troubleshooting with Ease

iQ Auto-Plus

Dukane iQ Auto-Plus Ultrasonic Power Supplies were specifically designed for the automotive, aerospace, packaging and textile industries. Typically used with automated systems, the panel mount units are compatible with iQLinQ™ industrial communication protocol and Dukane’s patented MPC (Multi-Point Probe Control).

  • Accuracy, Efficiency and Repeatability
  • Consistent Welding Process
  • Industry 4.0 Ready with iQ LinQ™

iQ Series Ultrasonic AL-E Generator

The AL (Automation Limited) version of iQ Series power supplies is designed for applications that require 600 watts of power or less. It is an excellent choice for single-station, automated, continuous low-wattage or medium-duty cycle, plunge weld systems that require basic I/O communication. 

  •  Consistent Weld Quality with patented Trigger by Power feature
  • User Friendly Interface
  •  Ease of Troubleshooting

Patented Multi-Point Control (MPC)

Patented Multi-Point Control (MPC) unit is designed to provide assembly solutions where one ultrasonic power supply is sequenced to several ultrasonic probes. Our unique Control and Process Monitoring Profile is available for each individual probe when coupled with any of Dukane’s iQ series ultrasonic generators. 

  • Reduce cost by eliminating the need for a generator for each probe 
  • Eliminate equipment failures due to improper machine programming
  • Quick and Easy integration

iQ LinQ™ Industry 4.0 Ready

iQLinQ™ is a solution to simplify industrial communication protocol between Dukane’s iQ Series Ultrasonic generators and PLCs. End users can reduce engineering cost, integration risk, and the total cost to develop and deliver plastic assembly solutions by switching to iQLinQ™. 

  • Real time data which includes welder state (ultrasound active or not), frequency, power, and amplitude
  • Easy to setup and troubleshoot
  •  Industry 4.0 Ready

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