The Aurizon® Ultrasonic Sealing technologies provide Adhesive-Free Elastic Attachment which enables hygiene product manufacturers to create softer, thinner, high performing elasticized fabrics. This solution provides precise bonding on waistbands and leg cuffs without the stiffening effect from adhesives, enabling the use of nonwoven fabrics that are thinner and have better absorption. Converters can attach multiple elastic strands using clean ultrasonic energy. Ultrasonic elastic attachment technology eliminates the use of nonwovens adhesive dispensing solutions creates an elasticized fabric with improved drape, bend, crush conformability, breath-ability, and maximum performance.

Ultrasonic bonding has minimal impact on the elastic strand performance. The stretched elastic strands are sandwiched between sheets of nonwoven material in close approximation to an anvil and sonotrode. When in contact with the horn, the anvil creates bond points within the nonwoven material that surrounds the elongated strand. Eventually, the strand is relaxed, causing the elastic to expand and become entrapped between the bond points. As a result, slip or creep (issues common with adhesive application) are eliminated with this technology.