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Dukane IAS, LLC is a diversified global manufacturer of advanced welding technology products including ultrasonic, vibration, laser, spin, infrared, and hot plate welding products and ultrasonic food cutting and ultrasonic film and fabric processing products.  This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).  The following U.S. patents apply to Dukane products.


Ultrasonic System Patents:  7,475,801; 7,819,158; 8,052,816; 8,720,516; 9,144,937; 9,486,955; 9,586,361; 9,849,627; 9,849,628; 9,914,263; 9,873,225; 9,993,843 and 7,225,965.  Other Patents Pending.


Vibration System Patents:  8,245,748; 8,721,817; 9,688,017.  Other Patents Pending.


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