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October 20, 2014

Dukane announces shipment of the 500th Ultrasonic Servo Welding System with patented Melt-Match® Technology

Dukane is proud to announce the shipment of their 500th iQ Series Ultrasonic Servo Welding System with patented Melt-Match® technology to their valuable customer KeyTronicEMS.

KeyTronicEMS is a U.S. based value-added electronic manufacturing services provider to some of the world’s leading OEMs. Their in-house capabilities include PCBAs, plastic injection and blow molding, precision metal stamping/fabrication/finishing, full product assembly and engineering services, with products ranging from simple consumer devices to complex, high end commercial, medical, military and industrial electro-mechanical products. KeyTronicEMS has over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space with factories in the US, Mexico and China. Their size allows them to focus on accounts with low to medium volumes and higher flexibility requirements, while their global footprint provides the cost benefits of off-shore locations normally associated with only much larger electronic manufacturing service providers. This focus allows them to provide an unparalleled level of customer service and price on mid-size programs (www.keytronicems.com).

Phil Hochberg, Executive Vice President of Business Development from KeyTronicEMS quotes, Melt-Match®

KeyTronicEMS will be using Dukane’s 500th iQ Series Ultrasonic Servo Welder within a process dedicated to the assembly of consumer products for water purification applications. This is a new project for us. We needed to ensure that our product is properly sealed and performs to our customer’s expectations. We have been working with Dukane for the last three years and our goal was to standardize our welding equipment in order to minimize spare parts and the cost of maintenance. The quality that we have been yielding out of the other processes where we use Dukane machines has been very good. It was an easy decision for us to choose Dukane for this new project. We have experienced several issues with other welders in our past. While using Dukane machines our cosmetic problems have been reduced to a minimum. Dukane iQ Series Ultrasonic Servo Welding System with patented Melt-Match® technology is a very easy machine to program, operate, and trouble shoot. Also, it offers different approaches to weld the parts (Distance, strength, etc). Because of this find we are able to more quickly define the process, keep it under control and minimize the variability between parts. In addition, Dukane’s technical support has been superior.”

Ultrasonic Plastic welding was developed in the mid 60’s and since the beginning all ultrasonic welders where actuated using pneumatics. Dukane Corporation being an innovative company since its inception performed a lot of research and studies to bring a revolution in this technology. Dukane developed the first Servo controlled Ultrasonic Welding System, which require no pneumatics for actuation.

Chuck Clark President of Dukane states:

Customers have been asking for more precision and control of the ultra sonic welding process. We tasked our Engineering team to research and develop a solution”.

Dukane’s core strength is their customer centric approach.

Leo Klinstein, Director of Engineering at Dukane, states:

The first prototype systems where basically a servo actuator driving the ultrasonic transducer, which proved the concept. However, we were still looking for better weld strength. Engineers worked harder to find a solution which lead to the development of a breakthrough technology, Dukane’s patented Melt-Match®. This technology not only provides stronger, more reliable weld results but also improves repeatability” 

How does the Melt-Match® technology work?

The ultrasonic welding process can be broken down into four phases

  • Pre-melt
  • Initiate melt
  • Melt
  • Post weld

Servo Melt-Match® brings significant improvements to all 4 phase over pneumatics.

Phase one Pre-Melt: Servo system allows the actuator to travel very fast to just above the part and then slow down to a programmed controlled speed prior to coming in contact with the part. (Sensing Position) There are several benefits to this process, shorter cycle times yet maintaining precise control of the trigger force and position on the part. This also allows for the system to trigger under very low forces.

Phase two Initial Melt: Servo system have a unique feature called ‘Melt Detect’. Melt detect enables the servo system to develop the programmed trigger force on the part and then stop motion. At this moment the ultrasonic is turned on. (Trigger is made) There is a closed loop feedback on force; once the programmed force drop is achieved, the servo continues actuation. Benefit of Melt Detect is that the Servo Welding System is actually detecting that the part is starting its melt transition. Then, unlike a pneumatic welder the servo waits for this transition thus reducing unnecessary force on the part which studies show reduces stress and increases weld strength.

Phase three Melt (collapse): Typical pneumatic welders only have the ability to simply apply pressure during this melt collapse, unfortunately just applying pressure either reacts too fast or too slow. The servo welder allows the precise programming of speed during the melt collapse. When controlling the speed of the collapse to match the melt flow of the joint, the Ultrasonic energy can propagate deeper into the weld joint thus creating significantly stronger bonds.

Phase four Post weld (hold): Servo system has the unique ability to program additional precise collapse distance, at a programmed speed during the hold process. Secondly the servo offers ‘Static’ hold. During Static hold the servo stops collapse of the part at a programmed position. Typically, with the repeatability of one micron. This coupled with the sensing position feature have produced six times reduction in standard deviation over pneumatic welders.

Dukane holds three patents on the Servo Melt-Match® process (8,720,516 8052816 7,819,158) and is the only Ultrasonic Supplier capable to provide this advanced technology. Dukane offers a whole family of servo welders available in 50, 40, 30, 20, & 15 kHz systems in power ranges from 150 to 5000 watts.

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