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May 10, 2018

Dukane announces acquisition of KVT Bielefeld

Dukane has acquired all assets and intellectual property of KVT Bielefeld, Germany.  Established in 1984, KVT is a plastic bonding equipment solutions provider located in Bielefeld, Germany, approximately 200km northwest of Dusseldorf.  KVT offers a wide variety of plastic bonding technologies and the most important, is their patented Hot Gas Welding technology.

Hot Gas Welding technology produces particulate-free strong bonds of thermal plastic components. Well suited for welding parts with complex geometries and/or demanding cosmetic requirements. KVT has been very successful in marketing the Hot Gas technology, not just in Germany, but worldwide. In fact, current projections suggest KVT will double their revenues in 2018.

KVT product line complements Dukane’s current offerings and will now be sold and supported under Dukane’s extensive global footprint.   With this acquisition, Dukane now has the largest breadth of plastic bonding solutions of any manufacturer in the world. Key offerings include; Servo Ultrasonic, Hot Gas, Vibration, Infrared Pre-Heat Vibration, Convectional Hot Plate, Infrared Hot Plate, Rotational, Heat Staking, Two-Phase Thermal Forming, Electromagnetic Resistance, and Induction Inserting.

Dukane will now utilize KVT’s manufacturing facility to offer their other technologies and their true servo controlled ultrasonic welding system with patented Melt-Match® technology to customers in Germany and all over Europe.  Currently there are several quality suppliers of ultrasonic welding technology in Germany; however, none of these suppliers offer true servo-control ultrasonic welding with Melt-Match® Technology. The Melt-Match® technology has proven to be the most repeatable ultrasonic welding process and delivers the strongest weld quality.

Manufacturers of plastic parts can consider Dukane as their “Total Solutions Provider” and will have a one stop shop for all their joining requirements. Whether they are looking to assemble a tiny medical part, or large automotive part with 3D geometries at the weld area, Dukane will have a solution for them.


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