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October 1, 2003

Advanced Vibration Welder Debuts at K-2004

An advanced vibration welder will debut at the K-Show in Duesseldorf, October 20 to 27. The VWA series welders from Dukane are designed around a PC-based color touch screen control system. The flat-panel display is mounted on a pendant arm so it can easily be positioned for convenient operation and viewing. All essential machine functions are accessed through the large touch screen.

The operational screen displays many large column graphs that dynamically update parameter information during the weld cycle. Below them, a large X-Y graph plots the relationships between the main welding parameters in real time. By presenting the data visually to the engineers, the welding process can be quickly optimized and easily monitored.

Dukane is leveraging Ethernet for high-speed communication so data can be stored and retrieved from any network device. Network capability provides unlimited storage for weld cycle information and part history, and permits quick transfer of setups between machines.  The communication controller can write part history files simultaneously to two different local or network directories, for backup data collection. The online help system is also significantly expanded. “The integration of operator interface, control tasks, communication and security allows us to run an improved process and increase the quality of manufactured parts” says Chuck Clark, division president at Dukane.

By adding a parameter-value indexing mode to the standard welding modes, the VWA series welders can vary both the clamp force and vibration amplitude during the weld cycle. Valve and sensor inputs are pre-wired and programmed so automation features can be added anytime. Multiple menu languages will be standard when the machines go into production in early 2005.  The line of advanced welders from Dukane establishes new benchmarks for performance, functionality, and ease of use.

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