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Repeatability, Reliability and Accuracy

Medical Device Assembly with Servo Ultrasonic Welding

Employee - Mike Luehr
Mike Luehr
Medical Market Specialist
Phone: 630-797-4913

Eliminate part to part variations, get desired weld strength, and easily validate your welding process with iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welder and Melt-Match® technology.

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Melt-Match® technology precisely matches the velocity of the ultrasonic stack with the melt flow velocity of the plastic material ensuring optimum molecular intermingling. This produces stronger, more reliable weld results when compared to pneumatic systems.

Melt-Detect™ feature, also referred to as Force Drop ensures complete initiation of melt before prompting the press to initiate downward movement. Melt-Detect™ is especially useful for applications where it is difficult to achieve the required amplitude to melt the parts.


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Accuracy & Repeatability
iQ Servo
Our R&D department had a Branson Ultrasonics AED 3.0, but was looking for increased accuracy and repeatability in our welding process. Our manufacturing representatives had experience with Dukane and suggested we should work with the Dukane iQ Servo Welder. The iQ Servo was easily able to achieve our requirements and the simple iQ Explorer II applications software was intuitive. This made process development and optimization very efficient and straight forward.
Chris Redman
R&D Engineer
Process Control
iQ Servo
A small plastic stem was being damaged during welding and we were unable to optimize the weld settings on our pneumatic sonic welder. By integrating iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welder with patented Melt-Match® technology; we were able to quickly eliminate the plastic port stem damage problem. The data we collected during the servo process optimization proved to have a tighter standard deviation and a significantly higher process capability (Cpk). The ability to weld at a constant velocity and/or program a custom weld velocity profile greatly improved the welding process. Melt-Match® technology provided stronger weld.
Thim Le
Bard Access Systems, Inc.
Process Engineer
Consistent Results
iQ Servo
The absolute elimination of scrap is a dream come true for our production pipeline. Precise control of horn movement and Dukane’s patented Melt-Detect™ feature in iQ Servo has proven very beneficial for our application. The biggest relief is being able to easily set up a recipe and having the confidence you will get the same weld cycle after cycle, all because of Melt-Match® Technology.
Medical Device Manufacturer
Operations Manager

Dukane Corporate Headquarters


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