Ultrasonic Packaging

Ultrasonic package sealing occurs when high frequency (ultrasonic) mechanical energy is transferred into two or more layers of thermoplastic materials. A strong, reliable molecular bond is formed between the layers.  Nearly all packaging materials and laminates, with a thermoplastic sealing layer or coating, are suitable for the ultrasonic sealing (welding) process. Both hermetic and peelable seals can be achieved with ultrasonic sealing systems.

Ultrasonics can seal through remnants like drops of liquid, or small amounts of powder or fibrous material that may be in the seal zone. The process does not require adhesives and/or solvents. Dukane had developed advanced ultrasonic sealing solutions, which consist of patented – 100% digitally controlled – ultrasonic power supply and optimized acoustical stack [transducer (converter)/booster/horn (sonotrode)/anvil].  The stack components apply clamping force to the sealing area. At the same time, ultrasonic energy generates localized frictional heat sealing the packaging materials. With key industry patents, reliable ultrasonic welding components and experienced application and process engineers, we are ready to support your project from beginning to end