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Dukane is a leading provider of ultrasonic welding technology and solutions for the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to help manufacturers design, develop, and manufacture high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective diagnostic devices.

Nebulizer Mask and Air Compressor
Nebulizer Mask and Air Compressor

Nebulizers use air compressors to convert liquid medications into a mist for easier absorption. It is commonly used as a treatment for respiratory illnesses such as asthma or COPD to open airways and reduce inflammation in the lungs. Some nebulizer sets can be used simultaneously with oxygen concentrators.

Typical Materials

  • PC - Compressor
  • ABS - Compressor
  • PP - Compressor
  • HIPS - Compressor
  • PC - Mask​
  • PA - Mask
  • PVC - Mask

Typical Joint Designs

  • Tongue & Groove Round Energy Director (Servo)​
  • Tongue & Groove Standard Energy Director​
  • Shear Joint

Bonding Process

  • Servo Ultrasonic Welding​

Molding Considerations

  • Materials are considered ultrasonically compatible when their melt temperatures are within 30°F and melt flow indices are within 10% of each other
  • Avoid re-grind if possible. Less than 25% if required
  • Avoid mold release agents
  • Plastic fillers & additives can affect welding output. Contact Dukane for additional information

Typical Optimized U/S Welding Parameters

Sensing Start Velocity 0.010 – 0.030”/Sec
Melt-Match % 2-7%
Weld Speed 0.03 – 0.20”/Sec
Weld by Distance 0.008” – 0.020”
Dynamic Hold 0.01 – 0.03”
Dynamic Hold Speed 0.03 – 0.20”/Sec
Static Hold 0.2-0.5 Sec

Quality Considerations

  • Advanced cycle/graph data collection and production analysis
  • ​Improved weld control with Smart-Stack™ integration and Melt-Match® technology
  • ​Integrated FDA 21 CFR-11 security

Geometry Considerations​

  • Horn contact surface & weld joint interface should be on single parallel planes​
  • Near-Field Welding – Joint within 0.250” of horn contact surface

High Volume/Automation Requirements​

  • Ethernet IP
  • ​Generator and servo controller communication via Ethernet
  • ​Industry 4.0. OPC UA connectivity standard
  • ​Long actuator life, up to 100 MM cycles

Welding SolutionsPrecise, Accurate and Flexible Welding Solutions

Dukane offers the largest array of plastic joining technologies within the Medical Device Market segment. This allows Dukane the flexibility to GUIDE our partners into the RIGHT joining solution based on the the requirements of their unique medical device assembly. Integrating the right process and the right tool early in the development process ensures a successful long-term program.

Dukane Advanced Welding Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing: