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Medical Plastic Welding

Controllable, Repeatable, Reliable Performance for Medical Device Companies

Employee - Mike Luehr
Mike Luehr
Medical Market Specialist
Phone: (630) 797-4913

Dukane provides the most advanced plastic welding solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers worldwide. We understand your high-quality standards and requirement to comply with stringent regulations. Validating your process, qualifying every part and obtaining FDA approval is easier when you partner with Dukane. Our controllable, repeatable and reliable welding equipment will help you achieve all your goals while staying cost-effective by reducing scrap. Our cleanroom welding solutions will help you achieve greener and sustainable growth in today’s competitive environment. Our team of medical product specialists will work with you from the application concept to the finished part to make your product a success. Don’t wait and lose your competitive advantage, partner with us today and you will be amazed at what our technology can help you achieve.

Why choose Dukane’s Servo Ultrasonic Welding with patented Melt-Match®? by Nordson Medical

Plastic Medical Implements
Medical Device in Plastic Mold Packaging https://www.dukane.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/shutterstock_442289323.jpg
Surgical Devices

Recent Success

2 Micron Laser Welding Unfilled Polymer
Counterflow Centrifuge (CFC) Device
Australia-based Invetech uses laser welding to manufacture a counterflow centrifuge (CFC) device. Good Design Australia, an international design promotion organization, recently named the CFC a 2017 winner in product design for medical and scientific products.
Counterflow Centrifuge (CFC) Device
CFC- Photo by Invetech
Laser Welding System Brochure
Servo Ultrasonic Welding
Disposable Sensor in Medical Device
Polycarbonate disposable sensors monitor pH and gas in the artificial blood during ex vivo assessment. Three thin films are placed in each sensor and tiny caps are ultrasonically welded. Weld dimension is 0.635 cm. iQ Servo eliminated scrap and provided easy set up for the tested weld process.
Disposable Sensor
Disposable Sensor
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Servo Ultrasonic Welding
Diagnostic Test Strip
The biggest challenge in assembling these test strips was misalignment of thin PET films. Scrap rate was more than 30%. iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welder was programmed to trigger by minimal force that fixed part alignment problem and provided accurate, repeatable and reliable process control.
Diagnostic Test Strip
Diagnostic Test Strip
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