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Ultrasonic Food Cutting

Reduce downtime, reduce scrap, and get better aesthetics for different food products with a clean and consistent ultrasonic cutting process

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Dukane’s Ultrasonic food cutting products are used by many of the largest and most prestigious food producers, worldwide.

Ultrasonic food cutting, and processing provides new ways to cut, slice, divert, align, or transfer a variety of food products that streamlines production, minimizes product waste, and lowers maintenance costs. Ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency sound vibrations to process food products faster. It is safe, reliable and yields a higher quality finished product with minimized cleaning or production stops.

Our ultrasonic knives are made of titanium, a completely inert material approved by the food industry. Titanium has good fatigue strength, surface hardness and excellent acoustic properties. Other tools such as diverter fences and transfer bars are made of aluminum with Teflon(R) coating. Aluminum has excellent acoustic properties and is easily machined. Teflon makes tool surfaces more slippery and is approved for use in the food industry.

Installing or retrofitting our equipment can be as simple as removing the conventional knife and replacing it with a plate to which the ultrasonic knives are attached. Another choice is replacing the existing cutting/slitting station with a gantry system that straddles the conveyor. Contact us today or arrange a visit with our technical expert to test your application and improve your processes.