Dukane is a global leader in designing and manufacturing high speed ultrasonic bonding & cutting equipment. Our rotary ultrasonic horns, rigid horns & blades, and automation ready ultrasonic generators offer clean, consistent and fast processing for joining and cutting nonwoven materials.

Patented Rotary Ultrasonic bonding technology provides high-speed continuous or intermittent bonding of nonwoven materials. Manufacturers get the following benefits by using rotary ultrasonic bonding technology:

  • Higher productivity with high speed rotary technology (800 meters/minute) and lower process delay time
  • Reduces material weight by eliminating adhesive
  • Reduces equipment maintenance costs by eliminating adhesive delivery systems from the process
  • Energy savings by eliminating adhesive dispensing systems (heater and pump)
  • Suitable for many different applications including fin and lap sealing, tube forming, bonding, feature attachment, embossing, sheet lamination, cutting, and slitting.

Our technical experts are just a phone call away and the Fabric & Film Technical Center offers a complete range of services: applications engineering, tooling design, systems integration, service and support, and training. Most important, the Tech Center is your resource for information gathering and experimentation on any of our fully operational ultrasonic machines.

We are bringing our latest technology for Nonwoven market at the IDEA Show from March 28th-31st, of 2022 in Miami.