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Joe Re
Product Manager
Phone: 630-797-4920

Dukane’s line of ultrasonic products offer clean, consistent and fast processing for joining and cutting nonwoven materials. From quilting mattress pads and sewing disposable health care apparels to slitting and bonding hygiene products we have designed and delivered a solution for all major film and fabric applications. We can accommodate your specific needs to design and build the optimal solution for your material thicknesses and widths, feed rates and material handling requirements.

Our technical experts are just a phone call away to answer questions on issues such as: continuous operation and importance of proper cooling; premature tool wear and the benefits of carbide and titanium; material handling logistics, coordination and flow; automation, control and monitoring requirements; required throughput and maximum quality feed rates.

Our Fabric & Film Technical Center offers a complete range of services: applications engineering, tooling design, systems integration, service and support, and training. Most important, the Tech Center is your resource for information gathering and experimentation on any of our fully operational ultrasonic machines.

Fabric & Film Processing Techniques

Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding
Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding used to join a wide variety of materials such as woven, nonwovens, knit and films. The material is held stationary while the horn descends to make contact. Typical plunge applications include filters, facemasks, straps, belts, and clamshell packages. This process is ideal for hook & loop straps applications.
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Ultrasonic Slitting
Ultrasonic Slitting is a preferred process of Cutting and Sealing various fabrics and films. It can be used in Web Direction and Cross Web applications. Many versions and frequency of Ultrasonic Slitting are available to meet different application requirements and cost. Dukane's Slitting systems are designed to provide maximum tooling life of both the Horn and Anvil. It also provides the traditional Ultrasonic Sealed edges on Fabrics and Films.
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Narrow Gauge Slitting
Narrow Gauge Slitting is the process that uses multiple slitting anvils under one horn to achieve multiple Ultrasonic Slits. it is commonly used in web direction. Slitting anvil positions can be adjusted under the Ultrasonic horn for wider range of product sizes. Film & Fabric edges are ultrasonically sealed during the process. This process can significantly reduce cost by using single station to ultrasonically Slit & seal multiple widths/tapes at one time.
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Ultrasonic Traversing
Traverse Slitting is a Cross Web process used for Ultrasonically Cutting and Sealing film and fabric materials. It is used for cut to length application and is often combined with Narrow Gauge Slitting and Ultrasonic Slitting methods. This process splices materials together and provides a workable seam, saving material cost. Traverse Slitting can be used as a simple single system or incorporated into a fully automated line.
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Rotary Drum Bonding
Two or more layers of material are continuously fed between the vibrating horn and rotating drum. Patterns can be machined on the drum to provide a variety of different stitch patterns and looks. This system uses Ultrasonic technology and is a greener solution than conventional heat-sealing. It significantly reduces power consumption, no smoke or fumes are produced and no adhesives are required. Many embossing patterns are possible. Typical applications for rotary ultrasonic welding include bonding/laminating & embossing of nonwoven materials.
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