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Markets We Serve

We design and manufacture advanced plastic welding products for different manufacturing operations around the world. Our goal is to create a long-lasting customer relationship built on trust, product quality and collaborative approach.

Automotive Plastic Welding


Dukane offers the widest range of plastic welding processes for automotive part manufacturers. Whether you are designing an exquisite exterior tail light, under the hood plastic assemblies, or interior components we have the right plastic joining solution for the project. Our global network of technical experts, technical centers and manufacturing...

Medical Plastic Welding


Validating your process, qualifying every part, and obtaining FDA approval is easier when you partner with Dukane. Our true servo driven ultrasonic welding systems with patented Melt-Match® technology and our non-contact welding solutions using laser and infrared are designed to offer unparalleled consistency, accuracy, and process control to medical device...

Assorted Electronics


Assemble your next-generation electronic devices using the most accurate and consistent welding and staking equipment on the market. We offer a variety of equipment for all your assembly needs; ultrasonic and thermal presses to stake circuit boards to their plastic retainers, non-contact high-speed infrared welding and iQ Servo Ultrasonic welders...

Process NonWoven Products


Ultrasonics provides the cleanest, fastest, and most efficient method for assembling non-woven materials. Rotary bonding, plunge bonding, single step cut and seal of non-woven materials or non-woven materials to rigid plastic, whatever technique is suitable for your project we will develop a solution to meet your requirements.

Snack Bars on a Conveyor Belt


Ultrasonic food cutting technology provides accurate, uniform, and faster processing time. Dukane is recognized as the global leader in ultrasonic food cutting technology. Many of the food industries largest and most prestigious food companies use Dukane’s ultrasonic products.

Milk Cartons


Whether you're looking to incorporate highly accurate and consistent ultrasonic welding stations into a high-speed automated line or a cost effective packaging solution for a low volume assembly, Dukane has a product to meet your needs.

Automated System


From Robot integration to standalone work cells Dukane offers the largest range of products and frequencies to make your project a success. The iQ AIM line of ultrasonic generators and iQ Auto+ models are automation ready and with built in Ethernet/IP and distance control. These are just a few of...

Ultrasonic Cutting Tools

Ultrasonic Cutting

Dukane’s ultrasonic cutting systems are designed for cutting thermoplastic films, rubber, and woven and non-woven fabrics. Utilizing the latest in cutting blade technology Dukane cutting systems are ideal for cutting composite aerospace materials such as carbon fiber, Nomex, and honeycomb products. Our engineered solid one-piece horn designs minimize payload and...

Dukane Corporate Headquarters


2900 Dukane Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174