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Disposable Gown Construction with Ultrasonic bonding

Why Ultrasonic?

  • Get clean process and seam without any consumables or additives in the seam
  • Reduce maintenance downtime by eliminating glue applicator and spray nozzles from the process
  • Eliminate raw material wastage at the start and stop of the cycle caused by idle heat bars in heat sealing
  • Achieve molecular bonds at the seam no holes from sewing, or weak strands because of heat sealing
  • Eliminate the cost of adhesive and the glue delivery system and get upto 5X faster cycle rate
  • Assemble variety of non woven materials including SMS, Polypropelene Spun, SSS, SMMS
  • With a wide array of ultrasonic bonding technologies every part of a disposable gown can be attached using ultrasonic joining

Adhesive Free Nonwoven Bonding with Ultrasonic

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