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Automotive Technical Center

Ray LaFlamme
Worldwide Automotive Marketing Manager

Dukane Automotive Regional Technical Center
47757 West Road Suite C101
Wixom, MI 48393
Phone: 248-613-5722

The Automotive Technical center supports the automotive industry in North America and around the world. We provide plastic assembly feasibility, weld joint design consultation, prototype tooling, prototype part runs, pre-production part runs, final check out and run-off of production tools and much more. Our lab has the full line of our latest welding technologies including iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welding system with patented Melt-Match® technology, ServoWeld™ Plus Spin Welder, ultrasonic hand probe units with their best-in-class ergonomics, and 5000 Series Vibration Welders. Automotive engineers can perform tooling check out and validation before the final check out. Our laboratory welders are networked remotely to our application labs at our headquarters in St. Charles, IL, using the latest networking technologies. We invite you to call or arrange a visit to the Wixom Tech Center. Our technical experts are ready to assist with your next project – from concept to build. Services include commissioning welding equipment for launch at the customer site with our technical expert available for each step of the process.