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PPE Face Mask Construction with Ultrasonic Bonding Technology

Ultrasonic Bonding N95

N95 Thermoformed Masks

  • Ultrasonic bonding of Perimeter
  • Ultrasonic bonding filter media to shell
  • Ultrasonic bonding of straps to mask

Manual Folding N95 Mask

  • Die cut Nonwoven material to shape
  • Weld Outline with large block style horn
  • Weld Ear Loops with Hand Probe
  • Fold Mask over and weld final nose seam

Clean and Strong Ultrasonic Cut & Seal for Respirator Filters

Single Step Ultrasonic Cut & Seal with Servo Control

  • Single step cut and seal process for various nonwoven materials and filter media
  • Ultrasonic eliminates material fraying and provides clean finish
  • Reduces Tooling Damages with servo controlled process

Multilayer Surgical Mask Construction 

Multi Layer Surgical Mask with Continuous Ultrasonic Bonding

Ultrasonic Bonding N95 Masks

Multi Layer Surgical Mask with Continuous Ultrasonic Bonding

Why Ultrasonic?

  • Get clean process and seam without any consumables or additives in the seam
  • Achieve molecular bonds at the seam no holes from sewing, or weak strands 
  • Assemble variety of non woven materials including SMS, Polypropelene Spun, SSS, SMMS
  • Eliminate the cost of adhesive and the glue delivery system and get upto 5X faster cycle rate
  • Reduce maintenance downtime by eliminating glue applicator and spray nozzles from the process
  • With a wide array of ultrasonic bonding technologies every part of a face mask can be attached using ultrasonic joining

Related Products

  • Continuous Ultrasonic Bonding of pleated layer with filter media
  • Ultrasonic bonding Ear-Loops 

Automation Ready Ultrasonic Generators

  • Capable of plunge and continuous bonding
  • Multiple Welding Modes designed to meet various requirement of your PPE Mask applications
  • Industry 4.0 ready power supply with patented Trigger by Power™ feature to ensure consistent welds
  • Wide range of models with Power Levels of 600 & 1200 watts & frequencies of 20, 30, 35 & 40 kHz
  • Quick & Easy Integration into electrical panels with easy access to connectors and cables
  • Turnkey PLC and HMI (iQLinQ™) code is provided for easy integration/time saving

Optimizing Horn Design to Improve the Performance

  • Finite Element Analysis is used to simulate a horn’s performance before it is manufactured
  •  Based on the analysis tooling engineers make changes in the design that helps in reducing stress and amplitude variation
  • Optimizes the performance and provides the best welding results


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