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The Assembly Show 2022

Join Dukane at The Assembly Show and inquire more about our automation-ready plastic welding technology

We are bringing the latest…

10+ Years of Servo Ultrasonic Welding with our Patented Melt-Match® Technology

  • Strongest Welds in the industry
  • Unprecedented repeatability, reliability, and accuracy
  • Servo driven precision and confidence in the overall process
  • Fewer defects, lower rework costs, and less inspection time
  • Fastest collection of data during the welding process

Automation Ready Ultrasonic Welding

  • Easy to Integrate ultrasonic generator
  • Designed to minimize downtime
  • Superior weld results
  • Industry 4.0 ready; control, process, collect, via standard Ethernet/IP or other communication protocols
  • Industry best lead time

Laser Welding

  • Micron-Level Precision and Control
  • Highly Repeatable, Excellent for High Volumes and Automation
  • Minimal Thermal or Mechanical Part Stress

Aesthetically Pleasing Welds

  • Bond Strength Virtually That of Parent Material

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