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Plastic Joining Technical Seminar West Coast

Servo Ultrasonic Welding and Laser Welding Technologies

Seminar topics will include:

  • Theory and basics of Ultrasonic Welding.
  • Ultrasonic Equipment & Parameter Optimization.
  • Horns, Booster and Fixturing.
  • Designing Parts for Ultrasonic Welding.

iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welding process optimization:

  • Benefits of Servo Velocity Control & Melt-Match® Technology.
  • Advantages of Dynamic Velocity Melt Initiation.
  • Benefits of servo controlled Dynamic & Static Hold.
  • Implementing FDA CFR Part 11 Compliance w/Bar Code Scanning.
  • Many more!

Laser Welding Process:

  • Benefits of Laser Welding plastic parts.
  • Latest technique to join clear to clear thermoplastic without using any absorbing additives.
  • Parts and Materials suitable for Laser welding.
  • Material thickness and other details.

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