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Pack Expo 2018

We are bringing our latest Ultrasonic cutting and sealing technologies for the packaging industry.

NEW iQ RAM (Rigid Acoustical Module):

  • Seals contaminated weld joints.
  • Fast cycle, strong seals and reduces material consumption.
  • Simple installation with single 20 kHz rigid mount horn.
  • Sealed transducer & titanium horn makes it ideal for washdown environments.

New Ultrasonic Pouch Sealing Module:

  • Seals stand up pouches.
  • Provides clean and consistent results.
  • Easily integrates into automated high speed pouch filling /sealing machinery.
  • Seals through product residue.

New iQ AiMTM (Automation in Mind) Ultrasonic Generator

  • Standard connectivity with EtherNet/IP or Modbus.
  • Optional Anybus Module for Profinet, Profibus, Powerlink, EtherCAT, or CC-Link.
  • Highly efficient power conversion with Power Factor Correction (PFC).
  • Available in 15, 20, 30, 35 & 40 kHz.

We are looking forward to see you all and demonstrate our latest technologies.

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