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Laser Plastic Welding Certification Course

Everything you need to know:

So you’d like to learn about laser plastic welding? Awesome. This technology is one of the most promising joining techniques for even the most difficult and sensitive applications, but the process for getting started can be daunting. Where should you start your research? What equipment or vendor is best for your project? Do you need to redesign your parts or can you use your existing designs? And the list goes on…

Our 2-day, in-depth training program will give you both the hands-on and the theoretical training necessary to become a laser welding expert, but more importantly, ensure your project stays within scope and within budget.

Instructor Introduction:

Name: Dax Hamilton

Title: Director and Global Product Manager – Laser Plastic Welding, Dukane.

Bio: Dax, has more than 22 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing world and 7+ years of experience working specifically with laser plastic welding. He has worked with and helped develop, laser welding processes and equipment solutions for hundreds of client applications in various industries including medical, automotive, and consumer products amongst many others.

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