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Introduction to Ultrasonic Plastic Welding, Application Setup and Troubleshooting

Could you improve your company’s production if you had more knowledge of ultrasonic plastics assembly?

This Introduction to Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly technical forum is designed to help you do just that. By the end of this session you will understand the basic principles of the following topics:

  • ultrasonic system components
  • various ultrasonic assembly methods
  • horns and fixtures
  • plastic materials and part design
  • application
  • machine controls
  • service & repair
  • how to incorporate these processes into your manufacturing operations

Are you the one responsible for the requirements of your ultrasonically assembled components?

If so, this Application Setup and Troubleshooting workshop is designed for you. Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to set up and troubleshoot ultrasonic plastics assembly applications.

  • setup
  • troubleshooting
  • machine controls
  • application parameter setup
  • process optimization


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 Seminar participants

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