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We are bringing the most advanced plastic joining technologies to the show. Our iQ Servo driven Ultrasonic Welding system with patented Melt-Match® and Servo WeldTM Plus spin welder will be at display.

Patented Melt-Match® technology precisely matches the velocity of the ultrasonic stack with the melt flow velocity of the plastic material ensuring optimum molecular intermingling. Over the years our technology had produced stronger, more reliable weld results compared to any other ultrasonic welding system in the industry. Learn more about our Servo Ultrasonic Welder by visiting https://www.dukane.com/plastic-welding-products/servo-ultrasonic-welding-system/

Our Servo WeldTM Plus spin welder is an all-electric press system utilizing two servo motors to provide precise control and accuracy for welding plastic assemblies with circular weld joints. By utilizing state of the art servo controls, this equipment provides unmatched angular orientation and overall assembly height consistency. Melt-Match® mode can be enabled during the weld phase, in which the motion of the vertical axis is coordinated with that of the spin axis to match the rate of melt of the material being welded.

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