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Multi-Probe Work cells

Reduce Cost with Multi-Probe Control

Patented Multi-Probe Control ensures independent control of amplitude, weld energy, weld time and parts limits for each point to be welded. Dukane 30 kHz rigid-mount probes with boosters and high gain contoured horns have different weld recipes to accomplish multiple welds in the same cycle.

Ergonomic Features

Programmable vision system detects the presence and correct placement of any clips, fasteners, gaskets, etc. An HMI with intuitive menu structure allows the operator to monitor and control the overall processing of parts. In addition, the work cell has a programmable precision servo position stage.

Robust Construction to provide High Quality Weld

Solid bridge construction to minimize deflection of the cell frame. Fork tubes are used so that a forklift can easily reposition the work cell. Adjustable probe mounts allow for accurate parallelism with the part to be welded. These mounts help reduce weld inconsistencies.


Utilizing our skilled mechanical and application engineering teams Dukane can provide turnkey multi-probe work cells to suit your needs. With almost 50 years of plastic joining experience Dukane’s custom engineering group has designed and developed many unique assembly solutions for our customers. Since our ultrasonic systems are designed with automation in mind it makes perfect sense for Dukane to design and build these assembly solutions and provide a total solution. Our ultrasonic generators iQ auto+, iQ AIM, and iQ Auto-Plus MPC all come with built in ethernet ports for ease of automation and data collection. Dukane’s patented multi-point controllers (MPC) allow for one ultrasonic generator to control as many as 16 ultrasonic probes, minimizing capital investment and making machine programming simple. Utilizing iQLinQ, Dukane’s communication protocol, in addition to ethernet based generators and the MPC module give the user the ability to program each weld point from the HMI.



  • Dukane’s patented MPC provides each weld station (point) with the ability to have its own unique recipe
  • MPC provides ability to operate multiple probes from one generator
  • Each weld point controlled from HMI with use of iQLinQ
  • iQLinQ™ is a solution which simplifies communication between Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Ultrasonic Generators
  • Trigger by Power patented feature provides the ability to accurately start the weld process once a programmed force is achieved
  • Time, energy and distance weld modes
  • Utilizing guarding and light curtains frees up operators to perform other tasks while welding is in process
  • Sensors easily integrated into systems for poke yoke checks
  • Weld process limit settings for monitoring process and ability to latch commands for part traceability

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