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Service and Support

Technical Support and Downloads

Emergency Telephone Support after business hours, on weekends, during holidays you may call and receive emergency telephone service and support assistance Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Central Standard time, and on weekends and during holidays.

Application Support

We review your applications and run your samples using our leading-edge plastic welding technologies. Our Application Engineers inspect the samples after assembly and make sure they meet required specifications and suggest the best suited process for the application. You receive a formal lab report detailing setup conditions, process parameters, power and velocity graphs of the actual data obtained while assembling the samples.

Technical Seminars

We offer the most comprehensive plastic welding technical seminars available. Our Technical Experts offer onsite training at your plant floors to ensure that operators and production engineers are aware of the important the features of welding systems and gain full productivity. In addition, the inhouse training offered at our Headquarter and Regional Technical Centers are designed to give extensive knowledge on different welding technologies, hands on exposure and interactive sessions. We can customize courses to fit your needs, conduct them in your facility and even reach them in other languages.

Equipment Repair

To check on the status of a repair:
Email: Repair Department
Phone: 630-762-4070

When repair is needed, Technical Support (see options above) is available if diagnostic assistance is required.

  • Submit an RMA Request
  • Print out the RMA label attachment from the e-mail confirmation.
  • Pack the equipment well to prevent damage. Dukane will not be responsible for repair costs caused by improper packing.