LFVW 6970, Low-Frequency Vibration Welder is designed to weld large parts with servo precision. LFVW 6970 is equipped with Dukane’s proprietary and easy to use HMI software to deliver the most efficient process control by providing real-time graphing of amplitude, force, and collapse distance, with additional data to control, monitor, diagnose, and evaluate the welding process. The HMI software can store up to 200 Weld Setups/Recipes for the continued success of different parts or manage parts from different vendors. On tool controls assure parts are present, held in place, and reduce manual errors, all LFVW 6000 series welders will be able to be programmed for multiple valves, part presence sensors and tool IDs.  Dukane is committed to making the LFVW6000 Series easy to deploy worldwide and offers this new welder in multiple languages (English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Czech). LFVW 6970 is Industry 4.0 ready providing remote connectivity for faster diagnosis, data acquisition, and service via most prevalent Industrial communication protocols used in the Industry.