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Large Parts & Application Welding Seminar

Dukane’s Large Parts & Application Welding Seminar is a technical forum designed to include hands-on experience and fundamentals on the emerging trends and technologies for joining large plastic parts.

Following Topics will be covered:

  • Basic theory of Linear Vibration, Infrared Pre-Heat Vibration, Infrared, and Hot Gas welding technologies
  • Benefits of particulate-free welding
  • Typical applications and Material properties suited for different technologies
  • Required part design for the process including physical limits of part design
  • Review of typical applications for vibration welding
  • Material properties as it relates to vibration welding
  • Process parameters and guidelines starting points
  • Maintenance, typical tooling requirements, troubleshooting application
  • Hands-on review of machines and tools in plant

Please feel free to bring your applications, parts, and material samples to discuss them with our experts.

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