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Dukane Participated in 2010 UIA Symposium

Dukane Participated in 2010 UIA Symposium

The 39th Annual UIA (Ultrasonic Industry Association) Symposium held in Cambridge, MA, included 80 participants from 48 organizations representing 11 countries. The program included one day of industrial presentations on Monday April 12th, two workshops, a poster session on Tuesday April 13th and a day of medical presentations on April 14th.

Dukane was a proud Sponsor, as well as an exhibitor and presenter in a poster session. Our poster presentation was “What is New in iQ Series Ultrasonic Systems?”

Dukane made equipment was used in several presentations, including the keynote presentation of the industrial session by Prof. Avi Benatar of OSU (see below). Other presentations, where Dukane ultrasonic generators and transducers were used included the following: “Determining Bond Quality from VHPUAM Process Parameters” by Matt Short, EWI, The Ohio State University; “UAM Fabrication of Metal-Matrix Smart Material Composites” by R. Hahlen and M. Dapino (presented by Mark Norwood), EWI, The Ohio State University; “Advanced Analysis and Characterization of the UAM, VHP UAM Bonding Process” by D. Schick, R. DeHoff, M. Sriram, M. Dapino and S.S. Babu (presented by Mark Norwood), EWI, The Ohio State University.

Both the Newcomers to Ultrasonics Workshop and the Finite Element Modeling Workshop were highly rated by symposium participants. Keynote presentations by Prof. Avi Benatar, The Ohio State University on “Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welding of Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastics” and Robin Cleveland, Boston University on “Medical Applications of Shock Waves” provided fascinating information on diverse ultrasonic applications.

“Protease Inactivation in Milk by Thermosonication and Impact on Milk Characteristics” by Sakthi Vijayakumar, David Grewell, Stephanie Jung, and Stephanie Clark, Iowa State University represented an evolving ultrasonic application. “Propagating Ultrasound Energy through a Catheter Around Bends” by David Constantine, James Sheehan and Jeffrey Vaitekunas presented a unique medical ultrasound application.

An electronic copy of the proceedings on a flash-drive pen is available for $95 from UIA by emailing

The 40th UIA Symposium will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, UK on 23 – 25 May 2011. Professor Margaret Lucas, University of Glasgow, will serve as the Symposium Chair. For a copy of the Call for Presentations, go to or contact UIA at +1.937.586.3725.