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Ultrasonic Construction and Attachment for Nonwovens

Increased Operational Efficiency

When the cost of operating and maintaining the adhesive applicator equipment is eliminated, labor and utility costs will decrease.

Completely Eliminate Adhesives

Directly bond nonwoven materials and avoid all costly adhesive materials and complex adhesive delivery systems.

Material Cost Savings

Ultrasonic technology provides cost savings by providing the option of purchasing less expensive, lighter weight nonwoven materials and elastics. This is because there is no adhesive bleed-through or loss of elastic performance due to the adhesive.

Improved Product Comfort

Eliminating adhesive allows the finished product to be softer, odor-free, and offer more breathability. It also enables the use of lighter weight fabrics so the final product is thinner and has reduced visibility when wearing.

Increased Sustainability

Ultrasonic bonding consumes less energy because it replaces hot melt delivery and application systems with a highly efficient ultrasonic energy source. Furthermore, there are fewer toxins in the landfill after the product is used.

Enables Customized Aesthetics

Provide a consumer-preferred product by customizing fabric aesthetics and function.

Reduce Machine Maintenance

Replace complex and high wear issues with a simple, reliable, clean ultrasonic cutting solution.


Our Aurizon® technology offers a variety of solutions for a broad range of end-use applications. Rotary ultrasonic technology has proven to be particularly effective when working with nonwoven materials. We have solutions for seaming materials together utilizing our proven and patented technology to the attachment of tabs and other articles without the need for glue.

Our ultrasonic solutions can be customized in a variety of ways to offer unique process solutions in many hygiene and personal care applications. We welcome inquiries where our expertise and process knowledge can be leveraged to provide honest and open discussion under complete confidentiality.


Key Features

  • High speed intermittent or continuous processing - up to 2700fpm
  • Can be run non-contact to minimize wear
  • Enables bonding of lofty materials and/or very thin materials
  • Capable of effective bonding of dissimilar materials
  • Significant energy savings over other sealing methods
  • Highly efficient, proven, reliable bonding method
  • Increase line run speed and process output without risking quality
  • Adaptable to existing process equipment
  • Accommodates various applications
  • Components are durable and offer long service life
  • Adaptable to specialty applications

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