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What is Elastic Entrapment with Ultrasonic Bonding?

A Dukane patented process where elastic strands are entrapped between the two layers of Nonwoven materials using ultrasonic energy. Ultrasonic Energy produces clean molecular bonds next to the elastic strands that directly entraps tensioned elastic within the fabric.

As shown in the video tensioned elastic strands pull the nonwoven material down into the very small grooves that are created with the entrapment pattern on the anvil. When bonded material leaves the process, the strands retract and become larger in diameter; therefore, are entrapped in that very small area.

The elastic strand are firmly secured between the nonwoven substrates without adhesive. The resultant fabric (composite) is robust to temperature, time and end used emollients maximizing product performance.


  • Get clean process and material without any consumables or additives in the strands
  • Achieve molecular bonds no mess from adhesives, or weak strands from heat
  • Assemble variety of nonwoven materials including SMS, SSS and PP Spun bond
  • Eliminate the cost of adhesive and the glue delivery system and get up to 5X faster cycle rate
  • Reduce maintenance downtime by eliminating glue applicator and spray nozzles from the process
  • Increase production uptime and lower process waste through process simplification and robustness
  • With a wide array of ultrasonic bonding technologies every elastic attachment application can be produced using ultrasonic joining

Key Features

Ultrasonic bonding provides:

  • Clean, simple, and robust process for creating elasticized materials that have minimal creep
  • Eliminates the need for costly adhesives and complex adhesive delivery system
  • Commercially capable high speed process up to 1000 meters per minute
  • Eliminates non-value-added complexity by directly attaching the tensioned elastic to the film / fabric substrate, No adhesive or complicated adhesive delivery systems.
  • End products produced by this process can range from narrow containment flaps and leg cuffs to wide waist panels and can be constructed with lighter-weight materials without concern for adhesive bleed-through.

Elastic Panel Construction

  • Robust, high-speed process solution for creating elasticized materials
  • Easily bonds multi-strand applications from 25mm – 450mm wide panels

Containment Flap

  • Eliminating adhesive allows the finished product to be softer, odor-free, and breathable
  • Use lighter weight fabrics so the final product is thinner and more comfortable when wearing

Leg Cuff Attachment

  • High-speed, continuous construction of leg cuff materials without applying costly and complex adhesives
  • Strong bonds and improves elastic performance

Elastic Entrapment-Six to Sixteen Strands

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Robust Process Unaffected by Disruptions

Ultrasonic bonding provides a reliable and robust solution to this process. It is unaffected by the following conditions and does not need to stop the production.

  • Unaffected by splices in the web
  • Web weave disruptions
  • Elastic strand movement
  • Elastic splices or knots

Since the strands are not attached but just entrapped the end product is not stiff. Flexible process, flexible products:

  • Produces materials from 25 mm-200mm width with the same setup
  • Softer feel
  • Breathability
  • Eliminates skin irritations caused by the stiffening effect of adhesive
  • Smell of adhesive in the diaper