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Vertical Form Fill & Seal System with Ultrasonic Sealing

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Failed seals and bursting packages during shipment are a thing of the past...

When you use ultrasonic technology to get strong and consistent seals.

  • Do not worry about contaminating end products during packaging process from heat sealing. Ultrasonic seals through product residue, and does not contaminate packaged products because of its localized heat input.
  • Get rid of polyethylene seal layer from your packages and seal layers of other materials that requires higher temperatures with localized and consistent ultrasonic energy.
  • Lower the cost of ownership in compare to heat sealing with higher throughput and no wastage of packaging material or packaged products at the start and stop of the cycle. Integrate ultrasonic sealing technology on your VFFS machine and take your packaging process to the next level.






Save time by eliminating bagging of your sealing unit in washdown environment

  • Eliminate the need to bag or remove sealing units when cleaning and save valuable production time with the full wash-down capability our ultrasonic technology, No bagging necessary!
  • No damage from high-pressure chemical wash down and high temperatures when using our ultrasonic sealing equipment designed to meet IP 67 Standards
  • Is heat sealing contaminating your product? Ultrasonic sealing can seal the package without transferring heat. Seal sensitive products that can’t tolerate heat without contaminating them with focused ultrasonic energy.

Rotary Ultrasonic Horn-Soniseal™ WD

Fastest End or Cross Sealing with Rotary Ultrasonic Horn

Fastest sealing speed in the industry with focused energy and the “flywheel effect” of the rotary system. Cross or end seal through product or residue without the worry of burning or contaminating the packaged product. Reduce scrap rate by bonding materials with localized heat input, programmable control, and failed seals during shipment are a thing of the past. Packages are sealed strong enough to survive temperature and air pressure changes during transit for distribution.

Continuous Sealing of Zippers with Rotary Ultrasonic Horn


  • Large or small whatever is the size of your package get continuous sealing of flanged zippers to the inside of films with our rotary technology
  • Get higher speed for sealing the zipper and crushing of zipper with rotary technology
  • Electronically control the distance of zipper crush without the need for product-specific tooling by programming rotary ultrasonic horn

Rotary Ultrasonic Horn-Soniseal™ 40 UL

Fin Sealing using Rotary Ultrasonic Horns

  • Get thinner seals and save packaging material
  • Seal can be located directly against the product, thereby potentially enabling a shorter fin
  • High throughput with the fastest sealing solution in the industry
  • Rotary nip minimizes shear on the film
  • Enables more accurate web control material is welded at the seal and not “stuck together” like a heat seal

Rotary Ultrasonic Horn-Soniseal™ 40 UL