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Laser Welding Design Guide

Our Laser Design Guide provides the fundamentals to design your products for laser welding process and to disseminate general knowledge about this technology. Take control of your welding process by learning the fundamentals of the process. DOWNLOAD the guide today.

Topics Covered
  • Introduction 1
  • Overview of Traditional Joining Technologies 
  • Advantages of Laser Plastic Welding 
  • TTLW Method
  • The 4 Pillars of TTLW 
  • Materials
  • Joint Design 
  • Clamping Technology
  • Beam Properties and Delivery
  • Mirrors and Beam Guidance
  • General Design Guidelines 
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Typical Project Roadmap
  • FAQ 
  • Material Selection Chart


IMPORTANT – please keep in mind this is purely a set of guidelines. Every application wili require its own, nuanced approach and some – or all – of your application’s requirements may fall outside of the scope of this guide. Before you make any design adaptations or changes to mold tooling, etc., I highly recommend you consult a ultrasonic welding expert for a complete review of your application design and production needs.