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New iQ AiM Ultrasonic Power Supply Designed with Automation in Mind


Jason Barton National Sales & Marketing Manager


Dukane, St. Charles, IL introduces iQ AiMTM (Automation in Mind) Ultrasonic Power Supply. As the name suggest this was designed for automation houses. The unique mechanical design of the generator reduces space required in the automation’s electrical cabinet. The cable connection configuration makes for ease of wiring and troubleshooting. Front panel display and controls can be configured vertically or horizontally, allowing for flexibility of mounting. The units can be purchased without front panel display as well. All iQ AiMTM Ultrasonic Generators incorporate Dukane’s exclusive thermostatically controlled flow-thru cooling.

High priority was given to connectivity of the generators to the automation for process control and data acquisition. Therefore, the new units come standard with EtherNet/IP or Modbus standard, and optional Anybus Module (Profinet, Profibus, Powerlink, EtherCAT, CC-Link) Communication Protocols. To aid in Integrating these protocols, Dukane provides detailed documentation and all PLC and HMI code required for the automation programmers.

Other new standard features include weld by Distance and remote Amplitude with external analog 0-10 VDC inputs. Highly efficient (> 92%) power conversion with PFC, along with Universal AC power input, simplifies and reduces power consumption. All of Dukane’ s iQ Series patented features like Trigger by Power and soft stop, are built-in. Full-color graphical user interface, coupled with an intuitive multi-lingual menu structure, makes front panel programming effortless.

To meet every application’s need, a wide range of frequencies 15, 20, 30, 35 & 40 kHz, along with power levels 600 W, 1,200 W, 1,800 W 2,600 W 3,600 W and 5,000 W, have been newly designed and are available. High-power units are configured with 3 phases 480 VAC power input. iQ AiMTM Generators are compatible with all Dukane current probes and converters.

Mike Johnston, President/CEO of Dukane states, “When we looked at developing our next generation iQ Series Ultrasonic Power Supplies, we first looked at who is using the current equipment and how. What we discovered was that in the bulk of the applications, the ultrasonic generators are integrated into some form of automation equipment used for applications which demand typically high-power draw, high-duty cycle applications, many of which are continuous bonding. Next, we created a focus group of customers and asked for their input on features that would help improve the application of our equipment into their systems. We compiled all this data and made incorporating these features a priority. iQ AiMTM stands for “Automation in Mind,” which is exactly what we used as our design criteria.“