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Dukane Acquires Aurizon, LLC.


Jake Kowalewski Global Marketing Manager

iQ RAM (Rigid Acoustical Module)-Dukane

Dukane, a ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturer, acquired all the assets and intellectual property of Aurizon, LLC. in Kimberly, Wisconsin. Aurizon is a global leader in developing high-power rotary ultrasonic systems for converting nonwoven materials, bonding textiles & films, and sealing packages. With thirty-plus years of Research and Development in product design and application experience, Aurizon holds a significant patent portfolio, these patents, and the team’s experience have significantly improved the speed and capabilities of the ultrasonic continuous bonding process. Over the years, Dukane and Aurizon have worked together closely to develop a generator solution for continuous ultrasonic bonding, sealing, and converting. This collaboration advanced the core technology and application knowledge of Aurizon, Dukane, and our customers.

This acquisition will create significant synergies and opportunities for Dukane and Aurizon, allowing both companies to share their technical expertise in the hygiene, personal care, medical disposable, and packaging industries. For the hygiene market, Aurizon’s product line will expand with Dukane’s fixed (blade) sonotrode technology for customers who don’t require continuous rotary bonding. For the packaging industry, both Dukane and Aurizon have developed several applications and will combine the sales and engineering efforts to better meet the demanding needs of our packaging customers. Dukane’s product portfolio includes ultrasonic, vibration welder, spin welders, laser welders, hot plate welders, hot gas welders, infrared welders, and will now be complemented by Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology. This addition to the product portfolio will be supported through Dukane’s worldwide sales and service network in conjunction with the team at Aurizon.

With Dukane products installed at manufacturing facilities all over the world, Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology will be a welcomed addition for existing and future customers.

Aurizon will continue sales, support, manufacturing, and design at the Kimberly, Wisconsin facility. This facility houses a state-of-the-art application laboratory for Rotary ultrasonic applications, and the plan is to expand the capabilities of the lab to handle fixed blade horn technology, as well. Moving forward both Dukane’s and Aurizon’s electrical and mechanical engineering groups will be working together in bringing new products and advanced technologies to the market.

President and CEO of Dukane, Mike Johnston, says “I have personally worked with Aurizon’s team for over 25 years, knowing their technical capabilities and seeing the products they have developed makes me very proud to have Aurizon part of the Dukane organization. The Rotary technology for continuous applications and Aurizon capabilities far exceeds any supplier in the industry. Rotary technology expands Dukane’s current wide range of Ultrasonic processes, whatever your bonding needs, Dukane has a solution.”