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Particulate free Welding for Thermoplastics

Hot Gas welding - Nozzles and Custom Tooling

Hot Gas Welding

Get superior aesthetics and clean welds with Hot Gas welding. Nitrogen gas flows through custom-built heater manifolds and is delivered to the weld seam via a custom-built needle or nozzle profiles. This is accomplished without contacting the parts. The absence of friction to heat the weld area results in a particulate-free welding solution. Well suited to join all types of thermoplastic molded parts. Outstanding results are achieved in the thermal welding of polyamide and other high-tech materials.

Infrared Hot Plate Tooling

Infrared Welding

TH3-Thermal Hybrid is one platform designed to offer Infrared, Hot Plate & Hot Gas Welding solutions. Users can buy one system and quickly configure the TH3 to weld using one of the three welding processes (Infrared, Hot Gas and Hot Plate) by quickly changing between different tools and components in the system. TH3 is the first platform on the market designed to deploy multiple welding processes and the first system capable of welding both rigid and flexible thermoplastics, with the addition of Hot Gas.

Laser-Welding-System to join two clear plastic part
Laser Welding Clear to Clear plastics with 2 micron laser

Dukane Laser Welding System for plastic parts is designed to weld clear-to-clear plastic components without the need for any laser absorbing additives. These work cells incorporate a recently developed 2-micron laser with greatly increased absorption by clear polymers and enable highly controlled melting through the thickness of optically clear parts. This advanced laser welding technology enables manufacturers to implement laser-based plastic assembly in high-volume automation lines, as well as custom manufacturing of plastic parts with various shapes and sizes.

Two Phase Thermoforming

The Two-Phase Thermoforming can be used for all thermoplastic materials; therefore, plastic-plastic and plastic-metal can be assembled without any problems. It has significant advantages over traditional thermal staking, ultrasonic staking, and IR processes such as the infra-stake. With traditional processes, the proximity of the forming tips is limited by either the diameter of the transducer or the diameter of the heating device. The Thermoforming process is not limited by these constraints since the gas delivery nozzles can be placed as close as 3-4mm center-to-center.

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