Reconditioning the Ultrasonic “Stack”

The ultrasonic “stack” is made up of three components: the transducer, booster and ultrasonic horn. The quality of the mating surfaces between these three units will have a major impact on the operating efficiency of your ultrasonic welding equipment. If they are not flat, if they become corroded or they make poor contact, they become… Continue Reading Reconditioning the Ultrasonic “Stack”

Dukane Test Part in Eastman Tritan™ Medical Toolkit

Dukane ISTeP (Industrial Standard Test Part), a two-piece cylindrical part designed to test various characteristics of different resins and plastic welding processes, is the new addition to the Eastman Tritan™ Medical Toolkit. Each application in the Medical Toolkit demonstrates key attributes Tritan™ offers in the medical device and packaging markets. Complex medical devices often require… Continue Reading Dukane Test Part in Eastman Tritan™ Medical Toolkit

Equipment for Bioplastics Characterization Lab

Dukane Corporation donated a pneumatic ultrasonic welder and loaned a servo-actuator controlled ultrasonic welding system to David Grewell’s bioplastics research group. The new equipment will be used to study various control algorithms for cutting polylactic acid (PLA) films. They were installed in the Bioplastics Characterization Lab, part of the suite of research labs operated by… Continue Reading Equipment for Bioplastics Characterization Lab

Ultrasonic Staking 101

QUESTION: In a staking operation, I want the stud to melt at the face of the horn to form a rivet head. Instead, it’s melting at the base of the stud. What’s going on? ANSWER: A couple of things. First, energy is transmitting through the stud to the base. Try pre-triggering the system so that… Continue Reading Ultrasonic Staking 101

Ultrasonic Boosters

The boosters serve two purposes; second mounting point for the stack assembly and either amplifying or reducing the amplitude.  Like the transducer, the boosters have a nodal point.  At the nodal point there is a mounting ring designed to fit into the press system or machine mount applications.   There are two types of mounting ring… Continue Reading Ultrasonic Boosters

The 6 quick steps to a successful ultrasonic assembly

Do you have an application that you think could be ultrasonically assembled? Wondering how to get from a couple of pieces of plastic to an assembled part? This is how our sales engineers tackle an application. While we don’t expect our customers to perform each of these steps, it’s important they be involved in this… Continue Reading The 6 quick steps to a successful ultrasonic assembly