Happy 38th Birthday “Welder”

Yes! You read it right, we recently celebrated the 38th Birthday of our ultrasonic work station built in 1979 to assemble whistles for SERON┬« Manufacturing. ┬áThis was the first-time ultrasonic welding was used for the manufacturing of whistles. Before this, whistles were assembled using adhesives. Mr. Suren V. Seron, current president and owner of Seron… Continue Reading Happy 38th Birthday “Welder”

Dukane presenting at The 46th Annual UIA Symposium

  The Ultrasonic Industry Association (UIA) is a unique association that brings together manufacturers of ultrasonic equipment, users of ultrasonic equipment, academicians and researchers involved in ultrasonics. UIA has perfectly managed to blend academic and industrial world interests to boost a wonderful discipline. UIA Symposia are places where one can meet professionals who practice various… Continue Reading Dukane presenting at The 46th Annual UIA Symposium