What Amplitude is needed to weld my plastic components?

What exactly is “Amplitude” and why is it important?  Amplitude is the peak-to-peak movement, or expansion/contraction, of an ultrasonic tool stack.  Each component can multiply the amplitude that comes from the transducer, the amount of increase or decrease is called “Gain”.  The total gain of the stack components determines the final amplitude at the working… Continue Reading What Amplitude is needed to weld my plastic components?

Understanding Ultrasonic Stack

It is essential that the mating faces between an ultrasonic transducer/booster and a booster/horn be flat and parallel. If any air gaps remain, there will be a resultant loss in power output and efficiency. Coupling may be so poor that it might prevent the starting of an ultrasonic stack. The condition of excessive crowning, or… Continue Reading Understanding Ultrasonic Stack

How Tight is Tight Enough?

It is important to assemble and tighten your ultrasonic tooling stack to a proper torque. Just assembling the tooling stack as tight as possible could be detrimental to the tooling stack components. For example: the threads on an aluminum booster or aluminum horn can be stripped out due to over-tightening. Conversely, not using enough torque… Continue Reading How Tight is Tight Enough?