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Insights from Dukane

Oct 12, 2019

Infrared Imaging Inspection to Test Weld Joints and Integrity of Laser Welded Plastic Parts

Dax Hamilton
Director and Global Product Manager - Laser Plastic Welding

Infrared Imaging Systems: Test weld joints, bonding integrity with IR imaging. Infrared Imaging system works hand in hand with Dukane’s Laser Welding systems. They provide machine vision inspection through a standalone inspection unit or placed in an assembly line. With the fairly recent adoption of laser plastic welding as a technique for joining plastic components, the need… Continue Reading Infrared Imaging Inspection to Test Weld Joints and Integrity of Laser Welded Plastic Parts

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Sep 26, 2019

What is Melt-Match®?

A patented plastic welding process to repeatably detect melt transition from solid to molten state, then accurately controlling the melt flow of a thermoplastic material during the weld and transitioning from the molten to solid state. Melt-Match® is known in the plastic industry to improve all the phases of the welding process with servo-driven control… Continue Reading What is Melt-Match®?

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Aug 30, 2019

Composite Horn – Ultrasonic Welding

Shivani Singh

Ideally, in ultrasonic welding the area where the horn contacts the part should be as close to the part joint as possible. However, at times, odd-shaped and sized parts prevent a half-wave horn from contacting the part where needed or developing sufficient amplitude to weld the application. In these situations, the answer is to use… Continue Reading Composite Horn – Ultrasonic Welding

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Jul 18, 2019

Quick Tips and Tricks – Vibration Welding Process

Shivani Singh

Welding Tricks Improve your Vibration Welding Process with these Quick Tricks and Tips: Get consistent weld quality with Weld by Distance mode, the only closed-loop welding method. Even if the weld force, amplitude, or the surface area of weld changes due to inconsistent part molding or design gap, the machine welds by the same distance.… Continue Reading Quick Tips and Tricks – Vibration Welding Process

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Jun 10, 2019

Emerging Technologies: An Introduction to Particulate Free Welding

Shivani Singh

Eliminate particulate from your welding process and produce cleaner plastic parts with stronger welds and better aesthetics by using technologies designed to heat plastic parts and create a molecular bond between two pieces without generating any particles during the process. What do you get? Stronger welds by using contact less and targeted heat sources to… Continue Reading Emerging Technologies: An Introduction to Particulate Free Welding

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May 2, 2019

Key Advantages of Vibration Welding

Shivani Singh

Clean, fast, well suited for joining large parts, and the ability to produce high-quality joints without fasteners or adhesives are few of the many benefits that make vibration welding a popular joining method for manufacturers producing plastic parts for automotive, appliances, home improvement, and several other industries. Flexibility to join a variety of plastic parts:… Continue Reading Key Advantages of Vibration Welding

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