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Insights from Dukane

Jun 29, 2010

Myths and Tricks to Successful Thermal Heat Staking

Heat Staking It is a known fact that applying a specific amount of heat to plastic resin using a heated tool will change the characteristics and shape of it, but did you also know that fine tuning the temperature and dwell time it takes to heat that resin can lead to stronger and more cosmetically… Continue Reading Myths and Tricks to Successful Thermal Heat Staking

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Jun 16, 2010

Tony and Paul pull an all-nighter

While it may not be obvious from the picture, this photo was taken at 3:30AM on a Saturday morning. It was a long day that started at 8:30 AM on Friday and would not end until about 8:30 AM on Saturday. This effort was the culmination of what had already been a week of long… Continue Reading Tony and Paul pull an all-nighter

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Jun 1, 2010

Thermal Heat vs Ultrasonics

Thermal heat can provide solutions to many staking, swaging, inserting, and de-gating applications that ultrasonics cannot. Thermal heat should be considered when working with inserts or stakes that are of various diameters, and/or located on multiple planes and must be processed in a single cycle. Thermal heat is primarily used when limitations with ultrasonic horns… Continue Reading Thermal Heat vs Ultrasonics

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May 25, 2010

Benefits of Resilient Fixtures for Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

When is it a better choice to use a resilient fixture made from a Polyurethane casting in place of using aluminum or stainless steel? This question needs to be answered with a series of other questions. The most important of those are: what is the shape of the part, the material being welded, the process… Continue Reading Benefits of Resilient Fixtures for Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

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May 11, 2010

Dynamic Balancing of Linear Vibration Weld Tooling

Weld Tooling The balancing of Vibration Weld Tooling is critical to the longevity of any manufacturer’s vibration welding equipment. With proper design of the moving half of the vibration tools used in the Linear Vibration Welder, the manufacturer can expect a much longer life from his welding equipment. Also by running unbalanced tools you can… Continue Reading Dynamic Balancing of Linear Vibration Weld Tooling

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May 4, 2010

Composite Ultrasonic Horns

A composite horn is actually a half-wave “coupler” horn with two or more half-wave, tuned horns attached to it. This technology was patented by Dukane in 1973. Because composite ultrasonic horn designs can often eliminate the need to invest in additional assembly systems, they reduce equipment costs and minimize production time for customers. Composite ultrasonic… Continue Reading Composite Ultrasonic Horns

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