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Jan 17, 2023

Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding: Leading the Way in a Post-pneumatic World

James Jackstien, Regional Sales Manager & Plastic Welding Expert, Dukane

Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding: Leading the Way in a Post-pneumatic World.
Pneumatic press systems are so 1980s… well, actually more like the 17th Century, but that’s a
different story.
From the beginning, the prime mechanisms used to initiate the required force for a successful
ultrasonic weld were a combination of pneumatic valves and cylinders. Pneumatic systems
were/are more than capable of producing the force required to achieve melt. However, the
inherent variability within the chained pneumatic system made it impossible to repeatedly
control the rate of down speed and, subsequently, the force applied to the workpiece during
the weld cycle. The inability to repeatedly and accurately control these critical weld process
parameters within the pneumatic system is often the root cause of weld output variation
resulting in “bad” welds. These variations associated with the pneumatic press system were
(and still are) frustrating to many users of outdated ultrasonic welding technology.
Something had to change… and as usual, Dukane is leading the way by creating and bringing
to market technologies that will take ultrasonic welding to the next level and beyond!
Over a decade ago, Dukane introduced the FIRST ever servo-controlled fully electronic
ultrasonic press system to the market. Leading the way was the advanced iQ ES servo welder,
which changed the future trajectory of the global ultrasonic welding market almost overnight.
Pneumatic press systems and their inherent variabilities have finally taken a back seat to
modern servo-controlled welding technology that will tackle today’s customer concerns about
reduced space requirements, ease of wiring, multiple welding modes, greater accuracy &
repeatability, and unique flexibility of mounting (vertical or horizontal). Connectivity has been
improved as well to accept all forms of communication protocols!
Today, Dukane continues to lead the way by introducing the next generation of advanced
servo welding technology — the Infinity™. Building on over ten years of servo welding
experience and our multi-patented software and hardware features, the Infinity™ line
represents the most advanced and proven servo-controlled ultrasonic welding system in the
global market.
Please contact us for more information on how Dukane’s market-leading technology can help
you improve your quality, production yields, and ROI. Our experienced applications and
tooling engineers are ready to help make your program a success!
Dukane, Leading Where Others Follow.

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