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Aug 31, 2010

How Tight is Tight Enough?

It is important to assemble and tighten your ultrasonic tooling stack to a proper torque. Just assembling the tooling stack as tight as possible could be detrimental to the tooling stack components. For example: the threads on an aluminum booster or aluminum horn can be stripped out due to over-tightening. Conversely, not using enough torque could also be detrimental. The components could come loose and cause the generator to overload. Allowing this kind of thought process to prevail can cause damage to one or more components of the tooling stack.

On Dukane’s website you will find our Guide to Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly. Scrolling down to page 91 will bring you into our maintenance section describing various problems associated with not tightening the tooling stack to the proper torque specifications.

Correct Torque Values for Stack Component Assembly

Studs in horns and boosters:



Transducer/booster/horn assembly:




Replaceable Tips on Horns:

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