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Jul 14, 2010

Dukane black and gold helps the world be more "Green"

Dukane Ultrasonics is playing a key role in helping companies reduce their carbon foot print thereby reducing global warming. It is generally understood that ultrasonics is a far more energy efficient process for welding plastic materials than processes such as heat-staking or hot-air welding. However, in addition to these plastic welding applications, Dukane’s ultrasonic welding equipment is an essential part of the systems being used by leading automotive hybrid battery manufacturing companies to do the ultrasonic metal welding of the internal components in nickel metal hydride batteries and more recently, lithium-ion batteries.

For ultrasonic metal welding applications, Dukane has long partnered with Ultex, a Japanese manufacturer which has led the way in providing ultrasonic metal welding solutions to the automotive industry. Every time you see a Toyota or Honda hybrid vehicle, chances are that the battery providing the electric power was made using a Dukane powered ULTEX ultrasonic metal welding system.

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