R&D Engineer at Surgical IOL at Alcon Laboratories

Our R&D department had a Branson Ultrasonics AED 3.0. We were looking for more accuracy and repeatability in our welding processes. Our manufacturing facility in Ireland had experience with Dukane and suggested we should work with the Dukane iQ Servo Welder. The iQ Servo was easily able to achieve the accuracy and repeatability we were looking for and the simple iQ Explorer II applications software was intuitive and made process development and optimization very efficient and straight forward.

BARD logo

Process Engineer Bard Access Systems, Inc.

A small plastic stem was being damaged during welding and we were unable to optimize the weld settings on our pneumatic sonic welder to alleviate this issue. iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welder with patented Melt-Match® technology eliminated the problem. The data collected during the servo process optimization had a tighter standard deviation and a significantly higher process capability (Cpk). The ability to weld at a constant velocity and/or program a custom weld velocity profile greatly improved the welding process. The Melt-Match® feature provided stronger welds.

Pradco logo

Operations Manager at PRADCO-Fishing

iQ Servo Welder gave us the accuracy, consistency, and detailed control of the welding process. We were able to achieve an improved weld, and this helped us in achieving our goal of a watertight seal on a Polycarbonate part. The most specific feature we found in the Servo welder that improved our welding process is repeatability and speed control. We got amazing results and engaging customer service at Dukane.

RL Hudson

New Product Development Manager

iQ Servo offers us the versatility that we require to weld a wide range of materials, even high glass content materials.  The Melt-Match® feature allows us to use significantly less force and energy to achieve a good weld.  The fine positioning control has even allowed us to weld assemblies and trap components to create a seal without damaging the trapped components. The machine design has allowed us to change the column for taller parts and the table easily accommodates various size fixtures.