Our History

Established in 1922 Dukane is a diversified global manufacturer of advanced technology products. A privately held corporation for more than 95 years, Dukane's principal manufacturing and distribution facility is located in the Chicago western suburb of St. Charles, Illinois.

Company was established as Operadio


J. Mc William Stone, Sr., “Mac”, founded the company in September, 1922. Stone chose the name “Operadio” for it connotations of quality music and fine tone. Upon discovering that the Chicago music firm Lyon and Healy had registered the trademark “Radiopera” the month before, Stone bought it from them to avoid conflict. Lyon and Healy became a distributor.

World Fair Chicago


Operadio displays at World Fair Chicago and builds a talking robot for Sear’s Roebuck.

The Explainette


The first Audio-Visual product designed, sold 5,500 units. It was a “talking” filmstrip projector used for sales training and as a sales tool.

Micromatic II


Sold over 1 million, you can still find one on ebay.

Military & Naval Equipment


Operadio temporarily sets aside its efforts to produce its own products and focuses on producing military and naval equipment. After Pearl Harbor the company produces nothing but equipment to support the war effort-mostly paging systems, for everything from defensive plants to warships.

Comiskey Park


Dukane installs sound system at the world famous Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL.

Operadio Becomes Dukane


Dukane Game Division


Dukane Goes to Space with NASA


NASA requests Dukane to assist them in writing the specs for a similar underwater locating device for use on commercial aircraft with flight data recorders in anticipation of Federal Regulations (FAA). Dukane then developed and produced the product for sale to major commercial airlines.

Dukane Ultrasonics


First Ultrasonic System developed based on the Ultrasonic Pinger Technology

Start of a new division
“Dukane Ultrasonics”

Developed Multiple Patented Ultrasonic Technologies


Center Bolt Type Acoustic Transducer

Ultrasonic Rigid Horn Assembly

Dove Tail Slide

Fluid Flow Sonic Energy Reactor

Ultra-Sonic Horn

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Apparatus

Control Circuit for Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Generators


Invented Weld by Distance


Project with Kodak

Invented “Weld by Distance” technology

Dukane Canada


Dukane started their global expansion by establishing Dukane Canada.

ISO Certification


Dukane receives ISO 9001 Certification

Jack Stone Completes 50 Years


Jack Stone, son of company founder celebrates 50 years at Dukane.

Dukane Czech


Dukane opens Technical Applications and Service Center in Prague (Czech Republic) and Shanghai (China).

Dukane France


Dukane opens Technical Applications and Service Center in Lyon, France.

First Servo Controlled Ultrasonic Welding System


Dukane Launched iQ Servo, the first servo driven ultrasonic welding system and filed patent for Melt-Match® technology.

Melt-Match® technology, a unique method that precisely controls the collapse speed profile during the weld.