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We strive to provide our customers with the best engineering, service, and value in the business.

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Our innovation empowers customers in the development and execution cycles of their plastic bonding process.


Take full control of each phase in the ultrasonic welding process with the Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding System with Melt-Match®. It delivers accuracy, reliability, and easy replication of proven processes for faster and more cost-effective production.

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Servo Ultrasonic Welding


Dukane’s 6000 series vibration welders inherit the robust mechanical features of Dukane’s previous models and incorporate an advanced control system providing users better process control, more data storage, user friendly programming features, and patented ‘Q’ factor for machine diagnostics.

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Vibration Welding


Think of a world where laser plastic welding has no consumables, no harsh byproducts, and no parts stress of any kind. A plastic laser welding platform that provides infinite flexibility, incredible precision control, and state-of-the-art quality assurance technologies. The future is now!

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Laser Welding


Dukane’s rotary infrared welding system is tailored for assemblies falling within a footprint of 200mm x 250mm or less, requiring a faster cycle rate than cannot be provided by conventional hot plate or infrared welders. This unique machine provides a non-contact infrared welding solution that is capable of producing welded assemblies as rapidly as every 8 seconds.

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Infrared Welding


Servo Weld™ Plus Spin Welder is an all-electric press system utilizing two servo motors to provide precise control and accuracy for welding plastic assemblies with circular weld joints. By utilizing state of the art servo controls, this equipment provides unmatched angular orientation and overall assembly height consistency.

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Spin Welding


Designed for Versatility, the Thermal Hybrid welder is designed with easy tooling changeover to accommodate a variety of parts. From reservoirs, taillight lenses, and batteries, either rigid or flexible thermoplastics, our one platform is your complete welding solution.

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Hot Plate Welding
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MedTech Webinars 2024
Enroll now for our upcoming webinars on plastic welding tailored to meet the requirements of Medical Device Assemblies. Secure your spot today!
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Jul 18, 24 | 8:30 AM | CST
Laser Plastic Welding Seminar: A Roadmap for Engineers from Design to Production
Laser plastic welding session will covers a range of crucial topics. From providing technical design insights and best practices to discussing material selection, including color requirements and limitations, we delve into every aspect.
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Nov 03, 24 | 9:00 AM | CST
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Dukane leads the way in Laser Plastic Welding Technology!
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"The variability in the molded parts prevents you from really being able to use pneumatic welding well because that variability in the parts gives you variability in the weld. With servo welding, you can manage that variability and still get a good weld because you can draw enough energy in to move the plastic to get the weld finished. You can control di..."
"Our R&D department had a Branson Ultrasonics AED 3.0. We were looking for more accuracy and repeatability in our welding processes. Our manufacturing facility in Ireland had experience with Dukane and suggested we should work with the Dukane iQ Servo Welder. The iQ Servo was easily able to achieve the accuracy and repeatability we were looking for and t..."
"A small plastic stem was being damaged during welding and we were unable to optimize the weld settings on our pneumatic sonic welder to alleviate this issue. iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welder with patented Melt-Match® technology eliminated the problem. The data collected during the servo process optimization had a tighter standard deviation and a significantly..."
"iQ Servo Welder gave us the accuracy, consistency, and detailed control of the welding process. We were able to achieve an improved weld, and this helped us in achieving our goal of a watertight seal on a Polycarbonate part. The most specific feature we found in the Servo welder that improved our welding process is repeatability and speed control. We go..."
"iQ Servo offers us the versatility that we require to weld a wide range of materials, even high glass content materials. The Melt-Match® feature allows us to use significantly less force and energy to achieve a good weld. The fine positioning control has even allowed us to weld assemblies and trap components to create a seal without damaging the trapp..."
RL Hudson
" With iQ Servo and Melt-Match® technology, we have a scientific level of control & repeatability in the welding process which was completely unavailable on pneumatic equipment. The ability to control the melt rate of the plastic using velocity profile & melt detect features absolutely results in the lowest possible failure rates and the highest producti..."
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