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Dukane announces new Customer Portal

Dukane, St. Charles, IL announces the introduction of a new Customer Portal. This is a significant step by Dukane to give their customers more insight and convenience to track the status of ordered Dukane products. The portal will serve as a single point of contact for Dukane’s customers. Dukane’s team will update the portal with specific details on the ordered equipment and customers can easily access those important information without the need of calling or emailing. It will give customer 24/7 access to their order status at their fingertips.

New Servo Weld™ Plus Spin Welder

Dukane, St. Charles, IL, introduces the next generation of spin welders, the Servo Weld™ Plus with
Melt-Match© technology. An all-electric press system using two servomotors to provide precise control and accuracy, for welding assemblies with circular weld joints. By eliminating pneumatic controls and using the latest servo control technology the Servo Weld™ Plus Spin Welder provides unmatched angular orientation and height control. The spin axis has an orientation resolution of 0.1 degree, while the vertical axis has a positioning resolution of 0.01 mm (0.0004 in.) and a force capacity of 2000 N (450 lb.).

Dukane's New Technical Center in Querétaro, QRO, Mexico

Dukane continues its commitment to international expansion with the launch of a new Technical Center at Santiago de Querétaro, QRO, Mexico. Strategically located in the center of Mexico, this new center will allow Dukane to provide cost effective plastic welding solutions, instant customer service and expedited delivery, to customers in Latin American countries.

Dukane Laser Welding Workcells

Dukane Laser Welding Workcells are designed to weld clear-to-clear plastic components without the need of any laser absorbing additives. These workcells incorporate a recently developed 2 micron laser with greatly increased absorption by clear polymers and enables highly controlled melting through the thickness of optically clear parts.

Servo Controlled Heat Staking Thermal Press

Servo Thermal System offers the highest level of machine control in the industry.

Pneumatic Heat Staking Thermal Press

High quality heat staking machine designed for full production

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Turnkey solution utilizing Dukane’s iQLinQ™ and patented Multi-Point Control module

Six point ultrasonic work station utilizes iQ Series Auto Plus Ultrasonic Generators, patented  Multi-Point Controllers (MPC), and iQLinQ™ for communicating with the main machine interface.

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Ergonomic Work Cell with unique tooling designed to weld tough to load applications

Machine and tooling is designed to weld angled part from three sides using three 20 kHz probe systems that are powered by Dukane's iQ Series LS-E Ultrasonic Generators.

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Dukane designed and constructed progressive assembly work cell with sound enclosure

This Work cell utilizes two 15 kHz rigid mount iQ probe systems with 10” of total stroke. Each probe system is controlled by iQ Series LS-E Ultrasonic Power Supply via the iQ platform. iQ Series LS-E Ultrasonic Power Supply has a built in Ethernet port which eases controlling and monitoring each unit from the Allen Bradly 1000 series HMI. The generator also provides a closed loop welding process even in a probe platform by utilizing weld by energy.


iQ Series i220 Integrated Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealer

The new iQ Series i220 Integrated Ultrasonic equipment is designed for sealing valve bags. This equipment provides a hermetic seal to thermoplastic valves on bags used for packaging powders, food and hydroscopic products.  This prevents product loss, moisture intrusion or pest infiltration.


New 5000 Vibration Welder Series

Dukane Corporation, St. Charles, IL will introduce their new VW5000 Series of Vibration Welders, at NPE2015. This new line inherits all time tested mechanical features of Dukane's Vibration Welders and incorporates advance technology to give users better process control, more data storage, and easy programming features, along with backward tooling compatibility.


New Round Energy Director Design

Dukane introduces Round Energy Director (ED) designs for ultrasonic welding process. Round ED provides plastic part manufacturers a more robust ED design that eliminates variability associated with inconsistent shape, size and melt characteristics of prevailing sharp ED design. Variations, in the size and shape of the ED presents a challenge in maintaining welding process' consistency, aesthetics and functional performance.


Dukane at NPE

Dukane Corporation has always been passionate about innovation. Our inspiration comes from providing customer driven solutions that exceed the unique requirements of each customer. All our new technologies are developed to provide effective and efficient solutions. NPE gives us a great platform to share and demonstrate our innovations. Visit us at NPE to learn more about these products and see them in action. Visit this link to register for free and be our guest at NPE.


iQ Series Ultrasonic Integrated Servo Press System i220

Dukane’s iQ Series i220 Integrated Servo Driven Ultrasonic Welder with patented Melt-Match® technology is a self-contained unit with iQ Series Generator/Power Supply housed within the press. Smaller Footprint: This welding system addresses the need of an "out of box" "plug and play" Servo driven Ultrasonic Welder and provides a smaller footprint Easy Installation: Since most components are built-in, this welder has fewer cables and is very easy to install


iQ Series iQLinQ™

Dukane’s iQLinQ™ is a proprietary communication protocol to give end users an array of options to interface ultrasonic generators with automated systems. It runs on iQ Series Probe Generators and is available in different optional modules to connect PLCs with generators using prevalent Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet communication protocols such as Profibus, Profinet/IE, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, CC-Link/IE, EtherCAT. Dukane has manufactured hundreds of custom work cells to meet our customer’s unique requirements. Everything from custom paint colors to ergonomically friendly tables with height adjustment.


iQ Series iQLogiX™

iQLogiX™, an optional module is an optional module available on iQ Series Ultrasonic Generators to simplify the configuration of work cells in plastic welding process. Work cells are very common in the assembly of plastic products for all industries. These work cells offer higher level of safety, noise reduction, part in place detection, part clamping, light curtains and many other features, which improves quality and speed of the process and reduces cost. Facilitating all these additional features require work cells to have a significant amount of electrical components, wiring and programming.


Laser Welding of Plastics

Dukane Corporation's Intelligent Assembly Solutions division is one of the world's leading suppliers of plastic welding and assembly solutions. We have always incorporated new technologies into our offerings. With so many diverse applications, we found it necessary to address our customers' needs with many different bonding processes. Using new laser welding technologies allows us to provide a welding solution to customers that require a method that has benefits that one would not get from other bonding methods.


Custom Mobile Work Cell

Dukane has manufactured hundreds of custom work cells to meet our customer’s unique requirements. Everything from custom paint colors to ergonomically friendly tables with height adjustment.


iQ Series Ultrasonic Integrated Press System i220

Dukane iQ Series i220 ultrasonic welding press system is an integrated machine designed for applications that require less process documentation, yet are built on the robust precision mechanical platform as our full featured machines. Available in 20 kHz power levels from 1200 – 2400 Watts. Two main models offer either Time and Energy or Time Energy and Distance options. The i220 ultrasonic welder offers advanced features like Process Limits, .5 millisecond sample rate, and Patented Trigger by Power.


20 kHz Ultrasonic Welder Tooling Stack Cover Torque Wrench

Dukane recommends proper Torque of 40 in/lbs for each of the four socket head cap screws to preserve the integrity of the threads in the casting. The "T" handle 438-988 torque wrench is designed to provide the proper torque of these cap screws.


Dukane's Newest Accessory - the iQ EZ Stapler - Improves iQ Probe System Versatility

The new iQ EZ Stapler makes blister/clamshell sealing easier than ever. The welding process itself is activated with a foot-switch once the packaging material is properly positioned. The easy to learn process helps make for faster cycle times.

Dukane's patented iQ 30kHZ 600 watt generator controls the iQ EZ Stapler. With custom tooling, a wide variety of weld patterns or spot welds can be created. The stapler can be put on a workbench, or wall-mounted on its own support structure.

The iQ EZ Stapler can weld films, non-woven materials, coated and laminated packaging, and foil packages. Thermoplastics such as PET, PERG, PE, PP, PVC and PVA are all appropriate for use.

Like all of Dukane's Intelligent Assembly Solutions products, the iQ EZ Stapler can be integrated into an automated system.

iQ Series Hand Probes

The HP and PG series hand probes feature an ergonomically friendly soft grip design with hangers for use on counterbalanced devices. Robust resonant mount is designed for years of trouble-free operation. Fittings for air-cooling come standard on all units. These probes are perfect  for manual spot welding, staking, cutting and inserting applications.

The iQ series HP generators come standard with both time and energy control. The display is a high-resolution graphic two color LCD with large easy-to-read text. One touch hot keys along with an intuitive menu structure which makes programming and operation virtually effortless. Built-in circuit protection and fault status ensure reliability even in the toughest work environments. The compact size and built-in handle allow for portability.

Dukane IAS Europe Expands in the Czech Republic...Again

After 5 years of continuous, year-on-year growth Dukane IAS is once again expanding its European facility in the Czech Republic!

"We didn't just need more space for something, we needed more space for everything" says Brian Yamato, European Regional Manager for Dukane IAS. "We have added more CNC machine capabilities, more inventory, more laboratory and testing facilities and most importantly we have more talented people". "Our growth in Europe has been nothing short of phenomenal! With all of the world class competitors already based in Europe we knew that we had to bring innovative solutions and real value to the market if we wanted to earn new business."

Automotive Technical Center

Dukane announces the opening of its New Automotive Technical Center in Wixom, Michigan. Our new facility has allowed us to more than double the size of our applications area and expand our capabilities to our customers with local technical support for their vibration, ultrasonic, spin welding and heat staking needs.


Lean Work Cell

Dukane has designed a new ergonomically friendly lean work cell for the manual assembly of plastic components. The cell can be designed to accommodate Ultrasonic, Spin, or Heat Staking applications.

The main features of the cell are size, safety, ergonomics and robust construction. The Lean cell has a small foot print, while still providing significant workspace for the application. The unique compact safety enclosure is only as large as the equipment inside. This leaves more table workspace to be used for staging parts while the equipment cycles. Casters with built in leveling adjustment are provided to allow for quick storage or placement of the Lean work cell to meet changing production requirements.


Dukane Introduces New Dual Servo Spin Welders

The Dual Servo Spin welder is designed for welding circular parts that have a tight tolerance requirement for both the orientation between the parts being welded and the overall final welded assembly height. The new design builds on the solid foundation of Dukane's existing single servo-spin welder, by replacing the pneumatic Z-axis drive with a second servomotor. The unit's control system provides the ability to hold orientation tolerances of +/- 0.1 degree of rotation and Z-axis tolerances of 10 microns. In addition, the control system coordinates the performance of both servomotors thereby providing the user with a new welding mode Dukane calls "constant torque". This "constant torque" welding mode provides the user with the ability to specify a torque value that most closely matches the melt flow rate of the material, and the controls system coordinates the Z-axis velocity and RPM to provide this torque throughout the weld cycle.

Pre-weld parameters that can be programmed include part pick-up and trigger by position or torque. Programmable welding methods include Weld by Time, Number of Turns, Collapse Distance w/ orientation, Absolute Distance w/orientation and Energy. Post weld control features include Hold by Time, Hold by Collapse Distance, Hold to a Fixed Position, and Hold in Constant Thrust.

Dukane Patented MPC Multi-Probe Control

The MPC unit is designed for assembly systems where one ultrasonic power supply is sequenced to several ultrasonic probes. Coupled with a Dukane ultrasonic generator* our unique Control and Process monitoring profile is available for each individual probe.

Some of the patented features include:

  • Fully protected from improper programming and power line irregularities
  • Binary coded selection inputs prevents selection of 2 probe relays
  • Logic interlocks prevent selection changes when ultrasound is on
  • Ring-down monitor allows relay switching only when voltage is off
  • Fault monitor detects a shorted relay coil driver and halts operation
  • Hold-up time of internal supplies - designed to ride-out any line problem.